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Snow Freezing Fog




Every month we are updating a custom, curated Indoek Shop on This March as we get closer to winter’s end and exercise our annual spring break vacation privileges, we have assembled a collection of products for either cozying up at home, or shedding winter layers on a quick getaway or trip to a warmer climate.

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180 Days on Tour is a glimpse behind the scenes of being on the 2014 WSL world tour via two members of the production crew (and their iPhones). When they’re not organizing, filming and broadcasting all 12 live events that we can all enjoy from our laptops, they are getting paid to surf and travel with the best surfers in the world at the some of the best waves on this planet for half the year.

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The Boy Who Spoke to the Earth is a tale about a young boy who asks the Earth where he can find happiness. The Earth responds and sends the boy on a journey to some of the landscapes that make the Earth most proud. In the end, the boy learns that happiness is harder to find than he expected. This children’s book is written by surf and adventure photographer Chris Burkard, and illustrated by Disney Interactive artist David McClellan. Dreamling Books is a children’s publishing company with the mission to inspire readers to follow their dreams and get out there and explore. Traveling the earth is a seriously underrated and under-valued form of education that kids should really learn about and be inspired by from a young age. Please contribute to this Kickstarter project and help make this rad book happen!
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The California Sunday Magazine, in collaboration with Google Play commissioned designer, Nicolas Menard to participate in their “California Inspires Me” project, which is a series of animated interviews of artists from California. This episode features Jack Black as he reminisces on growing up in Hermosa Beach and adopting the Spicoli-esque So-Cal lifestyle from an early age. Check out the link below for the back story behind creating this rad piece:

Brought together by a love of surf, sea and all things creative, the ladies behind KASSIA,Summer Bummer, EiR NYC, and AllSwell have joined forces to create “The Kit”, a zippered neoprene pouch filled with essential items perfectly suited for your next beachy adventure. Hailing from both the West and East coasts, the collaborators wanted to share their passion for surf, entrepreneurial spirits, and a mutual love of expressing themselves both on the waves and on paper.

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Here’s a little Throwback Thursday for all you skate buffs who think you’ve seen it all and might have missed this one. Gou Miyagi is here to show you some originals he has up his sleeve in Heroin’s, ‘Video Nasty’. This Japanese skate crew is shredding in a new way and giving tribute to moves of the past.

Justin Quintal is how we say “living the dream” or staying “forever young”, take your pick. Nestled away down south in a lil slice of heaven called Jacksonville, Florida, Justin enjoys the simple life far from the hustle & bustle of the surf industry and trendy SoCal scene. When he does swoop into said scene, he keeps it real by driving his van across the country to win not one, but two consecutive Duct Tape Invitational contests at the US Open, then drives back to Florida with souvenir trophies and heat jerseys in hand. A man who does not discriminate between board shapes, designs and eras, Justin represents the modern, well-rounded, soul surfer of our time. We recently sent our buddy Drew Miller over to hang with Justin and his lady for a day, snapping good old 35mm film photos of the two in their local North Florida habitat.

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If you’ve never been to Tokyo then this wonderfully designed and animated title sequence for the upcoming FITC conference in Tokyo will give you a bit of an idea of just how frenetically paced this city can be…via typography, color, and shape. I almost feel the hum of Shibuya beneath my feet.

FITC Tokyo 2015 Titles

Every month we are updating a custom, curated Indoek Shop on This month being the coldest month of the year, we have assembled a collection of products that all help you feel more comfortable and at home, at work and on the road this winter.