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Indoek is a surf-centric blog celebrating a unique and independent flavor of wave-riding culture and the characters, stories, art, organizations and brands that swim in it. We also mix it up with a heavy dose of all things creative, inspiring and thought provoking. We are a collective of like-minded creative surfers that post about things that tickle our fancy. We hope that by curating and creating a fine selection of artifacts, we can connect with and engage a community of individuals that share similar passions, sensibilities and pursuits. New and original pieces are constantly in the works and we’re posting random inspiration regularly, so do check daily for the freshest smelling catches and the best laptop tan.



Matt Titone

Matt (or ‘Dewey’ as some call him) is a goofy-footed designer / creative director originally from the first state, Delaware. Schooled in Florida then Savannah, lived & worked in New York, now in Venice Beach where he runs ITAL/C Studio and tries very hard to avoid crowds & traffic. Matt lives to travel the earth and the interwebs in search of good waves, good times, a few laughs and some inspiration. italic-studio.com

Drew Innis

Drew grew up in Connecticut / New Hampshire and got over educated in Boston. He also lived on a beach in Southern California for some years. Film, photography, music and literature monopolize his time these days. Drew lives in Brooklyn, NY, eats too many cheeseburgers at the Commodore and hopes to carry on simply one day on a big piece of land by the sea without the computer or YouTube. drewinnis.com

Ron Thompson

Hailing from the east coast, Virginia to be exact, Ron did some time in NYC before calling Los Angeles his home back in 2005. He’s played drums in punk bands, designs and sews pillow covers, and travels the world as much as possible. Most his time is now spent as designer and creative director running ITAL/C Studio with Matt. italic-studio.com

Lincoln Caplice

Lincoln spent his early days kicking rocks around Sydney’s Northern Beaches in Australia. That got tired pretty quickly and after a flurry of different jobs he thought he might try his hand at film. Since, he’s worked alongside filmmakers such as Taylor Steele and Dustin Humphrey on a handful of projects and gone on to forge his own career in film direction. These days, he spends too much time floating about in the water and only occasionally kicks rocks. lcaplice.com

Moose Huerta

A Florida native living in NYC via California, Moose grew up on the shores of Pensacola beach and moved out to west to work in the surf industry alongside the likes of Thomas Campbell and the Malloys. Moose now calls NYC home where has become a fixture in the city’s ever-growing surf community. Whether he's grinding away at his creative studio LAND-SEE, exploring the North East, or planning a winter escape Moose is always “staying true to his roots." land-see.com

Russell Brownley

Russell Brownley is an OG Virginia Beach ripper, now Southern California-based Director/DP specializing in documentary and commercial storytelling. He has worked on projects in more than 50 countries and still manages to get a few waves in while collecting air miles and passport stamps. Russell appreciates a diverse board quiver and strives to tell stories in the most dramatically visual way possible with the hopes of inspiring others through his work. russellbrownley.com

Sam Titone

Sam is fellow east coast transplant living on the west coast. He hails from a little state called Delaware and grew up chasing beach break barrels and empty pools along the east coast. After spending 5 years in Georgia getting his masters, surfing and skating what ever he could find, he made the move to LA. Working as an Architectural designer by day, he also keeps a hand on any building projects he can stay involved with. samtitone.com


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