This Wave’s On Us

Free Wave At Malibu

Free Wave At Rockaway

Are you sick of the crowds at your local break? If you are a New Yorker or Californian who surfs, you know the feeling all too well of rolling up on Rockaway or Malibu on a warm summer day when there’s swell only to find a swarm of black flies speckling the lineup. We also share your pain and frustration of getting just a handful of waves all to yourself without anyone in front of you. Well, it’s time we at Indoek took one for the team and gave something back to you. It’s a small token of appreciation for supporting us in our time of need. All you need to do is donate at least $5 to our Kickstarter, and we will send you a postcard good for one free wave on us at either Rockaway or Malibu. Now don’t get greedy — we just said 1 wave! But if you see Drew or myself about to take off on a wave with priority, feel free to drop right in, we’ll survive. For just 5 bucks, we could be giving you the best wave of your life — think about it.

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