Surf Shacks 005 – Kassia Meador

Kassia Meador is simply a rad human being. She is the epitome of beauty and style both in the water on a surfboard and on land cruising the streets of Venice Beach. Her positive energy is contagious and she is a friend to everyone she meets. She is a true living legend and ambassador of our beloved sport and lifestyle.

While other professional female surfers are out there flaunting their “backside maneuvers”, Kassia is staying true to her roots and her own natural style. Beyond her amazing talents as a professional surfer, she is also quite the artist and photographer, and she also has her own unique womens wetsuit line with Roxy. In this edition of Surf Shacks, we get a glimpse into her cozy, private Santa Monica abode and get to know a little more about Kassia, the surf goddess of all of our dreams.

Who are you?

My name is Kassia Meador. I love to travel, I love the ocean and surfing, I love a good hat and am always down for an adventure.

What’s your snakes name?


Who is your little friend that follows you everywhere?

My lil fox dog Iruka, she has been with me for 8 years now I’ve had her since she was not even 2 months old… She is my best friend and shadows me everywhere…

What do you do for a living?

Well I kinda do a lot of things really… I’m a surfer and have been making my living that way since I was 17. Over the past 5 years I started making my own wetsuit line for Roxy and that has been really fun, rewarding and it’s something I really love to do and have a lot of passion for. I also love shooting photos but I don’t really make much money from that at the moment because film is my passion I end up spending most of my money on that… Hahaha!

Where are you from?

California, born in Downey and grew up most of my life in the valley. But now I live on the westside and it’s great.

How did you find this place and come to live here?

Well, in Venice I’ve probably lived in 5 different places over the past few years, it’s really hard to get a good spot that is mellow with dogs and has the space you want… Me and my boyfriend were looking to move in together and we got lucky getting this place through some friends who had been here for 7 years. But that’s how you get all the best spots; through friends. We’ve been here since May.

What is your favorite part about your space?

Hmmm… That’s a hard one because I really love it here… But I would say my top 3 favorite things are the fact that the beach is at the end of our street, the kitchen, and the bathroom is super cozy — it reminds me of a boat.

If this place caught on fire and you could only save a couple things, what would they be?

My man, my dog, my cameras & film, and my surfboards.

How would you define your style?


What is your favorite part about the area you live in and your community?

I love that we’re on the beach, the airport is only 10 minutes away, you can walk everywhere and anywhere you need to go, and there is great food everywhere.

How have you seen this area change over the years?

Yeah, everywhere is always changing, but especially since I was a kid and used to come down here — it has changed a lot. About 6 years ago now, I was living up here for about a year and a half and since then it has really changed a lot too… Gentrification in action big time around here. Some things are good; more yummy places to eat, great shops, but the downside is all the families who have been here for generations being forced out that really bums me out a lot and I think really sucks.

Where are your local hangouts?

Fiesta Brava, Lefthouse, One Life, Groundworks, Townhouse on a Club Pacific night, Mollusk

How long have you been surfing?

17 years

How did you start?

I learned how to surf at the beach, from the ocean and watching people better than me really taught me as there were no surf camps and surf instructors. And I really think that’s the best way to learn — go out and figure it out yourself with some friends that’s what it is all about…

What is your favorite time period in surfing history?

I just love the old days heavy boards, rad cars, empty lineups, no leggies, tight boardshorts, the start of it all. Everything was so fresh and unexplored. I love that time period.

What is your favorite board?

My favorite board always and forever will be my Takayama Model T, the Cadillac of longboards.

Where is your favorite place to surf around here?


Where is your favorite place to surf in the world?


Where is your favorite travel location in the world?


Where do you consider home?

I always feel at home in the sea.

/ Photography & Interview by Matt Titone