The Off Abbot Kinney Street Fair

This Sunday, September 27th is the annual Abbot Kinney Festival in Venice, CA. In case you have never been, it is a day of local vendors posting up on a closed off Abbot Kinney Boulevard for a sweet little Sunday block party – which in recent years has turned into a real shit show scene. This year, the new kids on the block over at General Admission have organized an “Off AK Street Fair” as a tribute to Venice and all things local. If you’re in town this weekend, please swing by as we will have a both set up there and will be in good company with our pals at Lone Wolfs, Juice Served Here, Cabin West, The Whaler, Linus, Byrd, Venice Originals, and House Beer to name a few. While perusing the AK fest, head toward the beach where it turns into Brooks Ave. across Pacific, that’s where our shin dig will be; 52 Brooks Ave. to be exact. 10% of all sales will go to Heal The Bay. Thanks again to General Admission for hosting, see you there!