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Happy Super Bowl Sunday! This week’s dose of surf porn features the boys from Montauk braving blizzard conditions at their local spot to score some waves all to themselves. It’s amazing, the things we do for a few good waves with only your friends out.

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Mikey DeTemple, professional surfer & filmmaker lives between the simple life in Montauk and the not so simple life in NYC. This video for Stance by Mark Choiniere is a glimpse into the simpler part.

You may not have heard of Sam McIntosh – especially if you live here in the states. So in case you didn’t know, he founded a not-so-little Australian surf mag called Stab that has pretty much blown the doors open on the modern surf scene. Oh, and he also charges a not-so-little surf break called Ours sometimes before work. We had the pleasure of catching up with Sam recently to talk shop and had our friend from down under, Trevor King go show up at Sam’s place with his lens to give us all a peek into his rad pad in Sydney. Check out the full article here:

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Cluster is the new surf jaunt from Kai Neville (Lost Atlas, Dear Suburbia). Apparently the trailer was due to be released last year sometime, but with surfers scrambling for last minute clips, it was pushed back. Cluster will be premiered January 28th at The Ace Theatre in DTLA. Featuring: Craig Anderson, Noa Deane, Dane Reynolds, Mitch Coleborn, Jack Freestone, Creed McTaggart, Conner Coffin, Chippa Wilson, Brendon Gibbens, Dion Agius, Ryan Callinan and Dillon Perillo.

What Youth

This TASCHEN multidisciplinary design book is a must-have for the book shelf. “Cabins” by Philip Jodidio has a nicely curated selection of fun, modern cabins accompanied by beautiful illustrations of each project by Marie-Laure Cruschi. It’s refreshing to see the two disciplines compliment each other so nicely.

“Imagine leaning out of an open door of a helicopter 7,500 feet over New York City on a very dark and chilly night…”

If you think your instagram pics of the Big Apple as you land at La Guardia or JFK are amazing then consider yourself schooled. Vincent Laforet ventured out on a dark, windy, and cold night, high above the city that never sleeps to capture some of the most beautiful images of NYC I’ve ever seen. From the challenges of photographing at night in a shaky helicopter to dealing with the anxiety of being suspended by harnesses 7,500 feet up, Laforet has taken aerial photography to another level. I could go on and on about the beauty found within these images, but it’s best to check them out for yourself on as large a monitor as possible.

Gotham 7.5k

Attention all Southern California surfers: today is the last day to catch Surf Craft exhibition at the Mingei International Museum in San Diego. People have made surfboards for centuries. Standing alone, these boards are often striking examples of functional design. Together, they tell a compelling story about the evolution of an important American art form. Traditional craft, cutting-edge engineering and minimalist art converge in this exhibition devoted to surfboards built from the late 1940s to the present day. If you missed the show, don’t fret, you can still keep this piece of history for yourself with the book by Richard Kenvin, which is filled with beautiful shots of the iconic surfboards that have defined generations.
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This week’s dose of snow porn mixes two of our favorite things: nudity and shredding some pow pow. From iconic shots of bare-assed chairlift riding to cliff airs wearing nothing more than socks and a smile, Valhalla’s naked ski segment is already sparking laughter through dark cinemas across the world, with skiers and non-skiers alike. Talk about hard nippies and shrinkage! For the full feature length film, head here:
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Vissla not only makes a beautiful, functional, self-sustainable and eco-friendly wetsuit, but they’ve also created a rad little promo video for it. Instead of blaring a modern hard core track with some surf porn footage of a team rider ripping, Vissla offers a clean cut, straight forward narrative touting the product story that would make any 50s mad man proud.

Motorcycle and lifestyle brand, Deus Ex Machina have just opened their flagship store in Japan. Taking over a three story building in Harajuku, The Residence of Impermanence houses a cornucopia of art, surfboards, motorcycles and apparel. The basement contains a surfboard shaping bay, most recently occupied by Noosa’s own Thomas Bexon with a sleu of others to follow. You’ll also find a gallery space in the basement, with Texan design duo LAND being the first to hang their exhibition Friends Of Death (on display until Jan. 13 2015). On the ground floor you’ll find a cafe/bar and motorcycle workshop, whilst the top floor is reserved for an expansive retail space, brimmming with the latest from Deus, Poler, West America, and more. If you are trotting around Harajuku in the future, go and take a peep.

Deus Ex Machina Tokyo
3-29-5 Jingumae, Harajuku
Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0001

Deus Ex Machina

Just in case you were looking for a little get away in the middle of nowhere in a high design, digitally fabricated wet dream. PARTISANS created a beautifully designed oasis in a scenic Canadian landscape.

The site is a prehistoric large-scale rock formation, which in turn selected the concept of a simple presence on the exterior, while the interior followed dynamic air movements in curvature forms. PARTISANS, along with the millwork and steel fabrication partners they worked hand in hand with, developed a new process of fabrication that utilized state of the art 3-D technology to scan, model and build the Grotto.
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A short excerpt from a film directed by Aaron Rose in 2009 documenting the life and art of Sister Corita. The film includes archival 16mm footage shot in the 1960s in Los Angeles and interviews with Corita’s former students and colleagues. The music was created by Money Mark and Becky Stark. This clip ends with the “First Original Alphabet Song”, penned by Money Mark (the commonly used song is a version of twinkle little star) with animations by Max Erdenberger. The film was produced by Jon Barlow and edited by Lenny Mesina.