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Always love these rag tag trips that Monster Children puts together with awesome little crews of riders from various board sports, ages, and styles. Team Average 3 in Sri Lanka appears to be no exception. However, the trailer does take on more of a commercial tone with the voice over versus the usual free-livin musical score. Looking forward to seeing the full film on the 17th!
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Last week, Southern California experienced one of the best south swells in about 20 years. “Big Wednesday” wasn’t as huge as Orange County in Malibu, but the conditions were flawless and in typical, crowded LA fashion, everyone who is anyone seemed to come out and play at first point. If you were there, you probably got one of the best rights of your life, but it was probably shared with a couple other folks. One 4 LA brings us their highlight reel from the Malibu Big Wednesday scene.

California is in the midst of an unbelievable drought that is not only the worst in recorded history, but it’s so bad that people seem to have passed the point of real concern and just learned to deny it somehow. All we see out there in the media are daunting infographics and frightening “before / after” photos of lush California waterways. So LA-based design studio, ITAL/C decided to offer up some friendlier, more approachable and digestible tips that folks can use in their everyday life to help conserve water in these extremely dry times. Check out more Drought Tips on ItalicStudio’s Instagram.

Ty Segall must be some sort of sorcerer. In between touring and a slew side projects, the psych/glam/garage rocker continues to pump out great solo albums every year with no sign of slowing down. His latest effort, the double album Manipulator, is streaming over on NPR’s First Listen this week only. After that you can get your hands on it care of Drag City August 26th or catch him on tour starting August 23rd in a city near you for a face melting experience.

Cyrus Sutton is a moving target. The founder of now spends most of his days working on filmmaking projects, committing himself to environmental issues and surfing – all of which take him all over the world. He embodies the true surfer spirit within us all that strives to live simply, be creative and innovative in all our endeavors, explore while treading lightly, live a healthier life and just enjoy surfing. Using a lot in Encinitas as his home base, Cyrus has been living mostly out of his modified van for the last 10 years. We recently caught up with Cyrus in his element to see what he has been up to lately.

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At this point, Kelly Slater is pretty much synonymous with surfing. The 11-time world champ stopped by the VICE Sports offices to sit at the bar and talk shop. He touched on the animosity between different surfing cultures (East vs. West vs. Australia) that existed in the late-80s, his miserable time playing “Jimmy Slade” on Baywatch in the early 90s, and what he remembers about his friend and rival Andy Irons.
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It’s been a pretty great summer in the northeast with the absence of what is normally a lot of chocking heat and months long flat spells. For the last month or so we’ve actually enjoyed a string of super fun waves. Our friends at East Surf Co travelled to their home state of Rhode Island the other week and brought along Aussie photographer/surfer/nomad Banjo McLachlan and made this quick little dreamy clip. If you haven’t gotten your hands on some East Surf Wax, be sure to head over to our shop and grab some.
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If you haven’t seen this video of Koa Smith getting the most ridiculous barrel ever by now, well, you are in for a real treat or a serious case of tube envy. I’m sure a record amount of surf trips have been planned to Skeleton Bay — Namibia’s famous sand-bottomed, lefthand pointbreak to score this now over-exposed diamond in the rough.
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On the latest episode of Comedy Central’s hilarious show featuring drunk people telling historical stories, Eddie Aikau intervenes after things get violent between Australian and Hawaiian surfers. Thus proving once and for all that Australia is a country of criminals. Check out the full episode here: