As long time fans of Made Publishers, we were excited to see the latest edition of Nourished. If you’re not familiar with Nourished, they take on a holistic approach in presenting articles on food & nutrition, health & wellbeing, travel and beauty. Each issue is also beautifully designed with incredible photography and writing. Edition Two of Nourished features, amongst many other great articles, Nike Gobal Concept Director Kristin Reiter, Steve Schwartz from Art of Tea, and a recipe for a warming apple, pear and ginger pie (just in time for the holidays!).
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This week’s dose of surf porn comes with a high dose of serotonin from the high octane surfing of Oliver Kurtz on his travels to Hawaii, California, Panama, Mexico, Azores and more. Enjoy the extra dose of serotonin on this fine Sunday!

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Using the perfect balance of wood, metal, concrete, and glass, there are many new and beautifully designed houses being constructed around the world. There are also many books documenting them. The thing that lacks in some of those publications is the ability to show a truly lived in space and what makes a house, a home. France based New Zealand photographer Mary Gaudin has done just that and captured fourteen wonderfully lived in modernist homes in the city of Wellington, NZ. Her photos show the perfect marriage of nature, structure, and humanity, and that sometimes going just a little bit further down the path will reveal some amazing things.

It’s a sad truth, the majority of our beloved U.S. state license plates are poorly designed and quite embarrassing (we love ya, but what’s up with that ‘M’, Michigan?). With all the poor uses of color, typography, and imagery, I’m sure even the guys in prison banging these suckers out are probably wondering ‘what the hell’. Looks like designer Jonathan Lawrence was also fed up with looking at all these little, mobile, rectangular design disasters, and started the State Plates Project. He’s tasked designers all around the country to redesign a state plate of their choice and there’s some real gems in the bunch, even worthy of your VW Vanagon. Keep checking back on the project’s site as new plate designs are soon to be added.
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Last week the world saw its first glimpse at the long anticipated new Star Wars movie directed by JJ Abrams set to hit theaters next December. The teaser trailer has been racking up the views and nerd commentary by the second and a ton of parodies have since been released. This one by Jonah Feingold takes the cake so far though – what would the trailer look like if Wes Anderson directed it? Nailed it…
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This past September Cyrus Sutton hit the road up north along the Pacific coast with his girlfriend Michelle, camera, and drone to visit a slew of his friends. A few of these folks were Eric Ethans, founder of the Suja juice company who lives in Tahoe, Lee Leatherman, son of Leatherman multi-tool founder Tim Leatherman in Oregon, social media maven Foster Huntington and his rad dream compound up in Washington, Joe Curren and Ryan Lovelace. Epic journey, epic crew, epic views. These guys are living the dream.
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Pioneer surf cinematographer, filmmaker and board designer George Greenough recently found some lost 16mm waveriding footage from the late ‘60s. It has never been seen until now. Long before HD video cameras went digital and dinky, Santa Barbara native George Greenough was strapping a full-sized film camera to his back and capturing POV footage from inside the tube. Not only did he envision the shot, he hand-built the water housing for his camera to make it happen. It was just one innovation of many from a man who helped define modern surfing as much as anyone in history.
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Compelled to spend his entire life riding waves, Bob McTavish started building surfboards in 1962. Today, over 50 years later, his vision is alive and well at the McTavish Factory in Byron Bay, Australia. This collection of portraits gives a glimpse into the people and moments that are dedicated to the craft. Episode 2 features Christian Barker.
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There is a big world out there to explore and Sammy the grommet from Sumba is keen to see it all. This is awesome because it’s possible. You see there was a time when a lack of clean drinking water meant Sammy, his family and local community were prone to disease and illness. This all changed when Sammy discovered the Ocean People (aka a bunch of surfers) representing Hurley H2O and SurfAid Sumba. Over three years they worked with local communities to build wells providing access to clean and safe drinking water for over 7,000 people. Sammy is just one of many who’s life has changed as a result, and now his sights are set on the world!
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Greyson Fletcher is gnarly. He is the fourth generation of a family that has produced some of the most influential surfers ever. His father, Christian Fletcher who revolutionized aerial surfing, Nephew of Nathan Fletcher who charges the biggest waves on earth, Grandson of Herbie Fletcher who pioneered a whole bunch of important stuff in surfing history including tow surfing, pool surfing, Pipe & Backdoor, not to mention invented the tail pad. How many people can say their great-grandpa, grandpa, dad, and uncle all rip? It is a charmed and stoked existence to carry the torch with Fletcher DNA, but it is also a lot to live up to. The Vice crew spends the day with young Greyson who works for the family business at Astrodeck and skates his brains out whenever he can.

From the folks that brought you flatpack furniture and entire rooms you can put together with an allen wrench, Ikea is celebrating it’s 70th anniversary by bringing back its furniture from the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ’70s. Perfect for outfitting your Surf Shack with a midcentury look while on a budget.

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We do live in some exciting times these days. With the widespread decriminalization and legalization of marijuana across North America comes a slew of new companies making weed and smoking products. This one takes the cake for best in show so far in my mind though – the Bob Marley estate has teamed up with a private equity group specializing in the increasingly legal weed market to bring us “Marley Natural”. The high-grade weed products are scheduled to hit the more irie states where pot is legal in mid-2015. As a wise man named Bob once said, “The herb is the healing of the nation”. Legalize it!