Now in its third year, Mercado Sagrado is a lifestyle celebration of the Canyon spirit featuring hand-made & artisan goods, organic food, healing arts, workshops, lectures & live music. Some highlights from this year’s offerings include a pop-up by AWAVEAWAKE designer (featured recently in Vogue), DJ sets by Devendra Banhart, Sound Baths by pro surfer Kassia Meador, a guided meditation by Danish musician Dinner, and so much more.

When: Saturday November 5th, 11-5 & Sunday November 6th, 10-4
Location: Paramount Ranch / 2903 Cornell Road CA 91301
Fees & Parking: $25 pre-purchase, $30 at the door, Free Parking On-Site

Buy tickets and get all the info here:
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Made in partnership with Hopworks Urban Brewery in Portland, Oregon, Long Root Ale is the first commercially available beer to be made with Kernza via organic regenerative agricultural practices. If you don’t know about Kernza, it is a “superwheat” perennial derived from an ancient form of wheatgrass. It can be grown year-round and as a result it develops incredibly long roots, hence the name. It also happens to make a really good beer. Long Root Ale will be available in 16 oz cans in Whole Foods Market locations in California, Oregon and Washington beginning in October. In addition, select Whole Foods Market bar-restaurants and both Hopworks locations will serve the beer on draft, as will the Miir Flagship Store in Seattle. For more information and to find Long Root Ale near you, visit the site here:
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I have a love-hate relationship with the waves of Long Island. Coming from Maine, where the waves tend to be slow and mushy, trying to manage and make sense of Rockaway when it’s dumping in a foot of water is a challenge. So, when I saw the forecast for Hermine, instead of grabbing my board and heading to the beach I opted for my camera and tripod. No regrets. The first day the storm hit I went to Rockaway, which was a bust. The waves weren’t manageable, and the footage was garbage. The next day I rented a car and headed out to Long Beach. Sure enough, it was firing. Probably the best waves I’ve ever seen in the Northeast. ‘Disorderly Conduct’ is an edit I threw together from that one day at Long Beach. Enjoy!

Tonight in Venice join us for the opening night festivities of the Whalebone pop-up shop at General Admission in Venice from 7-11pm. Bring your own pony rides. Beer + tequila will be covered. RSVP through the link here:

RSVP. Do it.

Ronnie and Staley are independently good friends of mine with very different personalities, but a very cool & chill couple who also manage to surf together on a regular basis. Professionally, they make a living as an editor for Vice Media and a lawyer for the Surfrider Foundation respectively. They may both work a little far from where they live, but like so many others who call Topanga home, the natural beauty and solitude of the canyon coupled with a great right hand point break at the bottom of the hill is too hard for them to give up.


Tonight in Brooklyn, the second “Stab In The Dark” experiment premieres. This year features Dane Reynolds on a blind surf test of 13 unsigned, unbranded boards. Here’s how it works: The best shapers in the world shape the best craft they can for a secret pro surfer of specified height and weight. Neither the shaper nor the surfer know who the other is and the board is to be delivered completely white and free of markings/branding.  This year’s mystery surfer was Dane Reynolds and he took all 13 surfboards on blind date in South Africa for 10 days. The film will screen at 8.30pm and the winner announced shortly after. It should be quite a good time. Food and refreshments are provided and Stab will be giving away some of the boards Dane rode as well. Oh, and everyone also receives a crudely-designed Dane Reynolds tee and tote bag, too. RSVP here.


Quincy Davis may only be 21 years young, but she has quickly become a household name in the surf world and by doing so has put her hometown of Montauk, New York further in the limelight as an east coast surf mecca. As a pro surfer, she spends most of the year traveling the world for contests, surf trips and photoshoots. So when she is home, Quincy stays in the basement level of her parents’ Tudor style house and is all about spending time with her family – and her extended family that is the tight knit local surf community in Montauk. Here she is at home during her favorite time of the year.


Welcome to our 27 Frames series. We sent 27 single use cameras out to some of our favorite photographers, they shot stuff with it, then mailed it back to us. We developed the film and are sharing the results with you (and the photographers) now. In this instant, digital age, we want to pay homage to a snapshot photo process we grew up with ourselves — waiting for the film to develop and being surprised by the results. These 27 Frames belong to Grant Monahan.


We cover a lot of surfers and their homes in this series and we’ve never covered the same person twice, until now. Surfers tend to move around a lot though – whether it’s to another coast, a different beach, closer to a beach, or maybe closer to the action of a bustling city. In the case of Kassia Meador, with her business located in downtown Los Angeles and the population of Venice growing out of control in recent years, the quiet & peaceful canyons of Topanga offered the perfect solace for her to retreat to and call home.


Sagmeister & Walsh have enlisted a gang of design studios to protest Trump the best way they know how: with glorious graphic design. The series is called Pins Won’t Save the World, and includes not only pins, but other such things as stickers and temporary tattoos. Walsh explained that “…we are well aware that pins won’t save the world, but wearing them will at least make us feel a little better…” Go and check out the entire collection and purchase some Hillary-ous pieces of current culture. All profits will be donated to Amnesty International’s #americaIbelievein charity.

Last night we caught a private preview of Apolitical Process, a vision by Kelly Slater, curated by PM Tenore. Featuring artworks by Bruce Reynolds, Kevin Ancell and Todd Glaser. It was a truly awesome and thought-provoking collection of culturally relevant and timely work, which is refreshing to see in the often “ignorance-is-bliss” world of surf culture. Here is a statement about the show:

“This is an artistic journey through the chaotic and sometimes inflammatory 2016 election cycle. It is our aim to explore and expose the underlying truth, hypocrisy, danger, motivations, misinformation and effects of this process. It is our hope that the artwork produces thoughtful discussion, transparency and an openness to question the powers that be…”

The official opening of Apolitical Process is on Thursday, September 22 at Folding Table G: 201 San Juan Ave (corner of Main St.), Venice, Ca 90291 from 7-10 PM and runs through October 9, 2016. Presented by RVCA and Purps.

Sean is a creative nomad, an artist in the truest sense of the word. In the past few years he has driven cross country more than two dozen times documenting his journey in paintings, drawings, photographs and song. He calls Rhode Island home for now, where he spends part of the year. The spot he lives in is the guest house of his good friend who always envisioned owning the property. He said something like “Sean, if I ever own this place, you get the guest house.” And here they are. The rest of the year, Sean travels with on tour with his band Quiet Life and lives in Cali – or wherever the wind takes him.