We have always been huge fans of Almond’s special product collabs. ‘Wax and Wool’ is a collection inspired by the heritage of Woolrich, the Original Outdoor company, and the coastal lifestyle of California’s Almond Surfboards. Each piece is 100% Made in The USA and reflects their different backgrounds and the common appreciation for timeless, quality goods. The clothing, which includes both men’s and women’s pieces, was designed for a perfect day outside at the beach. The collection includes graphic tees, blankets (with a pocket to store your essentials), tote bag, henleys, sweatshirts and corduroy walk shorts. Also included in the collaboration are custom Woolrich inspired surfboards that, like the rest of the line, combines classic California Almond aesthetic and incorporates hits of iconic Woolrich patterns. Each surfboard was custom built and hand shaped by Almond using prints inspired by Woolrich- including the classic buffalo check, a topographic print celebrating the outdoors, and even the “sheep on a surfboard” logo created for the collaboration. The collection can be found both at and as well as both companies’ select retail partners.
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Ladies and gentlemen, start your boners! Spring is officially in the air and the kids are all getting hot & wet for some shreddy waves. Director Tin Ojeda just released this new cock-tease edit of his 45Min experimental surf film, Expencive Porno Movie shot entirely on Super 16mm. Lube up, let the puns ride on and purchase the DVD here:
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Friends of Indoek, Ty Williams and Dustin Miller made this beautiful little short film entitled, “Coquille” that is both conceptually and stylistically their own. About his first attempt at directing film, Ty says, “I wanted to try working outside of my normal mediums. I wanted to make something dreamy, unsettling and odd. I think we pulled off this on some level and I look forward to working on a larger project down the road.” For more radness from Ty that you can wear instead of watch, check out Notes Brand:

Kassia Wax is infused with wood from the South American Palo Santo tree, which is used by Shaman and medicine people for its healing and energy clearing properties. The triangle design breaks into 4 smaller pieces so you always have a corner for faster, easier waxing. Gitcha sum here:
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Do you sometimes feel like it would be really strange (and possibly depressing) to watch a montage of your everyday routine – to watch yourself perform your daily habits day in and day out? What if that is just one version of you caught in that monotonous, looping routine? All you need to do is break that routine, take a chance, be bold and act a little “out of character” to lead to something new. This short film is a look at the infinite possibilities within the everyday. Following a day in the life of Vincent, “Subject X” and his many variations that exist throughout the universe. The story begins to fracture into different threads when he follows a would be lover down the street.

Every so often I catch myself reminiscing of hot, humid, and lazy teenage summer days, when going back to school in September seemed like a distant spec on the calendar’s horizon. Those three month stretches seemed like they would last forever and then in a blink you were back to crisp, cool mornings waiting for the bus to pick you up. Fortunately Joel Sternfeld, a great American photographer and probably the godfather of “street” photography, was able to capture those fleeting moments. They’ve been out now for a while, but I became super nostalgic to stumble upon Sternfeld’s photographs of summer days in Nags Head, North Carolina. Having grown up just a stones throw away from Nags Head in the Virginia Beach, Virginia area and also born in ’75 (damn I’m getting old), these images put a smile on my face as I spent many a summers on the Outer Banks. The photos are part of a larger collection of images found in his book:

Joel Sternfeld: First Pictures
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Vans Presents The Ductumentary, A short film revealing what is perhaps Joel Tudor’s greatest contribution to surfing. Featuring Joel Tudor, Alex Knost, Tyler Warren, Ryan Burch, Jared Mell and many more, the film not only depicts the contest itself, but captures the current niche generation of surfers who value style and the right equipment for the conditions. The Duct Tape Invitational represents what surfing is all about; having good times in the water with friends and good times traveling on the road in cool places. Surfing and style is everything. Directed by Graham Nash and Reagan Ritchie.

Imagine you’ve just received a $2 million dollar signing bonus with the Toronto Blue Jay’s as a future star pitcher, and also inked an endorsement deal with Nike…oh, and you’re only 21 years old. Pretty sure a good portion of you reading this would buy quite a few shiny new toys amongst other things (I know I probably would). But not Daniel Norris. He’s decided to live a life of restraint in his 1978 Westfalia camper that he bought for $10,000 and park it right in front of the closest beach. Call him crazy or not, one thing’s for certain, Norris doesn’t care. He knows who he is, plus he’s got a 92-mph fastball to back it up. Check out the full article on ESPN here:

The Man In The Van
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In this episode of Invention Factory, GE explores how scientists are harnessing the power of the mind to achieve what once seemed impossible. From microelectronic brain implants that allow us to control machines with our thoughts, to training the brain to push the body to new limits with big wave surfers like Maya Gabiera – they test the limits of human potential and see what we are truly capable of through science and technology. This is not science fiction, it is all possible and very real. Is this the next performance enhancer for athletes and/or cure for human impairments and conditions? Or is it a much more frightening and ominous next step toward Singularity and another tool for society to be controlled by artificial intelligence? (Just sayin.) Only time will tell!

Every month we are updating a custom, curated Indoek Shop on This March as we get closer to winter’s end and exercise our annual spring break vacation privileges, we have assembled a collection of products for either cozying up at home, or shedding winter layers on a quick getaway or trip to a warmer climate.

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180 Days on Tour is a glimpse behind the scenes of being on the 2014 WSL world tour via two members of the production crew (and their personal phones). When they’re not organizing, filming and broadcasting all 12 live events that we can all enjoy from our laptops, they are getting paid to surf and travel with the best surfers in the world at the some of the best waves on this planet for half the year.

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The Boy Who Spoke to the Earth is a tale about a young boy who asks the Earth where he can find happiness. The Earth responds and sends the boy on a journey to some of the landscapes that make the Earth most proud. In the end, the boy learns that happiness is harder to find than he expected. This children’s book is written by surf and adventure photographer Chris Burkard, and illustrated by Disney Interactive artist David McClellan. Dreamling Books is a children’s publishing company with the mission to inspire readers to follow their dreams and get out there and explore. Traveling the earth is a seriously underrated and under-valued form of education that kids should really learn about and be inspired by from a young age. Please contribute to this Kickstarter project and help make this rad book happen!