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The Criterion Collection is no doubt one of the greatest assemblages of films. From Lord of the Flies to Eraserhead to The Royal Tenenbaums. Equally as beautiful as the films themselves, is the cover art for the entire collection. To celebrate the artwork from the collection, Criterion commissioned numerous talented designers and illustrators to put their skills towards recreating the most iconic film’s covers from the collection. All of this amazing art work along with never-before-seen sketches has been compiled into a 300 page book.

Criterion Designs
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Filmmaker Edgar Obrand and Vissla have knocked heads to create a new film called Palmera Express. Featuring team Vissla as they ride a wide variety of surf craft on Hawaii’s North Shore. Roll your eyeballs over The Arrival, the first of several trailers and stay tuned for the full length.
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Iceland is pretty close to the top of our personal travel bucket list. This video by Dustin Wise and Chris Burkard solidifies this sentiment. Rocketship to Reykjavik discovers Roark in a more volatile latitude shrouded by 5 hours of daylight, snow storms, Icelandic death metal and a vodka induced haze. As the saying goes: Winter is coming.

I realize we may come off as Slater-worshippers here, but c’mon, what surfer isn’t one? It can’t be noted enough that Kelly is in a league of his own at age 42 in a tight race for the current world title and being the oldest (and formerly youngest) pro athlete to win surfing world titles. In regards to the 720 (or 540) he pulled off in Portugal, Michael Roberts claims, “What he did on that windy day in Portugal would have been like Michael Jordan winning the NBA slam-dunk contest while playing for the Washington Wizards—if Jordan was also still contending for a championship and an MVP award.” Read this great article that got the champ the cover of Outside Mag here:

Last winter my good friend Bradley Carbone and I were on a snowboarding trip in Vermont when he took a freak spill and suffered a life changing C5 spinal cord injury. The fall left him paralyzed with significant physical and financial challenges, which include medical, rehabilitation, and living expenses that go above the limits of insurance coverage. Friends, colleagues and artists have set up a site featuring donated art works and products for auction to help Bradley with his ongoing financial burdens. Please take a moment to check it out and help spread the word. The auction closes Monday, December 15th.

This holiday season try something new: instead of buying presents, give gifts. Instead of being a consumer, be a human citizen. Stop giving people more thoughtless stuff they don’t need as a representation of your love for them. Spend time with them doing things that are meaningful. This year our holiday gift guide focuses not on material possessions, but instead we give you some ideas and card templates for gifts that you can share with loved ones through real-world experiences. We have also compiled a list of some of our favorite charities that you can donate to in someones’s name.


Earlier this year, after over two decades as the face of Quiksilver, Kelly Slater chose not to renew his sponsorship contract. Instead, He’s teamed up with acclaimed menswear designer John Moore (VSTR, Quiksilver Women’s, M.Nii) to launch Outerknown. Geared towards the more sophisticated, fashionable and well-traveled surfer – Outerknown’s first collection lands Autumn 2015. Read an article from Business Of Fashion with the two minds here:

The hotel world has changed quite a bit over the past couple decades, going from dumpy little boxes with rooms that you would spend as little time as possibly in to beautifully designed oases that you’d want to make your home. The latest edition to the hotel revolution is 1 Hotels. Yes, you’ll find your obligatory reclaimed wood and fresh organic foods, but it seems like 1 Hotels is really drawing a line in the sand and committing to creating a cause (not a brand) that represents something larger than themselves…”A Cause built off a simple idea: the world around us is beautiful and we want to keep it that way.” Currently 1 Hotels has locations at Central Park, NYC and South Beach, with another to be located at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

As long time fans of Made Publishers, we were excited to see the latest edition of Nourished. If you’re not familiar with Nourished, they take on a holistic approach in presenting articles on food & nutrition, health & wellbeing, travel and beauty. Each issue is also beautifully designed with incredible photography and writing. Edition Two of Nourished features, amongst many other great articles, Nike Gobal Concept Director Kristin Reiter, Steve Schwartz from Art of Tea, and a recipe for a warming apple, pear and ginger pie (just in time for the holidays!).
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This week’s dose of surf porn comes with a high dose of serotonin from the high octane surfing of Oliver Kurtz on his travels to Hawaii, California, Panama, Mexico, Azores and more. Enjoy the extra dose of serotonin on this fine Sunday!

Via Surfing

Using the perfect balance of wood, metal, concrete, and glass, there are many new and beautifully designed houses being constructed around the world. There are also many books documenting them. The thing that lacks in some of those publications is the ability to show a truly lived in space and what makes a house, a home. France based New Zealand photographer Mary Gaudin has done just that and captured fourteen wonderfully lived in modernist homes in the city of Wellington, NZ. Her photos show the perfect marriage of nature, structure, and humanity, and that sometimes going just a little bit further down the path will reveal some amazing things.

It’s a sad truth, the majority of our beloved U.S. state license plates are poorly designed and quite embarrassing (we love ya, but what’s up with that ‘M’, Michigan?). With all the poor uses of color, typography, and imagery, I’m sure even the guys in prison banging these suckers out are probably wondering ‘what the hell’. Looks like designer Jonathan Lawrence was also fed up with looking at all these little, mobile, rectangular design disasters, and started the State Plates Project. He’s tasked designers all around the country to redesign a state plate of their choice and there’s some real gems in the bunch, even worthy of your VW Vanagon. Keep checking back on the project’s site as new plate designs are soon to be added.