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New from European cold water surf brand, Finisterre chose to work with waterproof notebook specialists ‘Rite In The Rain’ to create the very first Cold Water Surf Journal. This notebook has been designed in-house with all the information needed for your CWS trips (wind scales, charts, guides to food and layering systems, and much more). Made in the USA with low environmental impact and environmentally friendly techniques. It also comes with our their ‘Companion Pencil‘ which has been designed to compliment the book with its Map Scale and measuring system. They have also teamed up with Riess Enamel to make a pretty slick looking camp mug. Details here:
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Until its doors closed on December 31, 2012, the family-run Colby Poster Printing Company made the letter-pressed signs, posters, billboards and showcards that were a ubiquitous feature of the visual landscape of Los Angeles. For three generations, promoters of boxing bouts, rodeos, reggae concerts and literary-minded visual artists were drawn to the swift graphic science of the day-glo poster, its essential purpose to quickly and efficiently convey information to viewers zooming along the autoscape, and to the durability of the product, hanging on telephone poles and chainlink fences from Venice to Las Vegas for months and years after the commission. In this short documentary, C.R. Stecyk III visits the company to make one last print, and to expound on its enduring appeal to anyone who ever wanted to leave a mark of their own in the city of signs. Buy the retrospective book here:

Buck Products has just released their latest bag design, the Marsupial, to coincide with the launch of their collaboration with artist, Ty Williams. Ty’s two different patterns, SeaShadows and ShadowFish, have been hand screen printed one at a time by the talents over at LQQKstudio based in Brooklyn, NY. Each piece was sewn with love in Bozeman, Montana by the BuckProducts crew. Check out these rad prints on the Marsupial and 2 totes as well.

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Spin found this excellent video by documentary filmmaker Dave Markey. Dave’s comments on the video: ”20 years ago tonight (December 30, 1993) I stood on Kurt’s side of the stage at my hometown’s Los Angeles Forum and captured the last set I would see of this band. A band that I had worked with, toured with; people that I would call my friends. A band that both the world and myself really loved (can’t really say this has happened since.) Within just a few short months it would sadly all be over. Sharing a few songs here; a couple covers (Vaselines’ “Jesus” & Bowie’s “Man Who Sold The World”) and All Apologies. I’m glad to have documented this show, as well as their pre-fame fun in 1991.” Enjoy this epic Throwback Thursday nugget.
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Welcome to RAINBEAU, the colourful world of Beau Foster compressed into a gratis, digital short. Filmed in Australia, California, France, Portugal and Indonesia, and cut to Cosmonauts, Canned Heat, Buffalo Springfield, Fuzz and Beach Fossils, Beau’s breezy style makes for some pleasant viewing at the beginning, which ramps up into some straight-up hi-fi in the business end. Directed by his bro, Nathan Foster, and featuring cameos from Ellis Ericson and Benny Godwin, RAINBEAU is a very good way to pass eighteen-and-a-half minutes.

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This is the best documentary I have seen in a long time. The epic rivalry between half-pipe legends Kevin Pearce and Shaun White is documented in this exhilarating ride into the world of pro snowboarding. With both practicing more and more breathtaking and dangerous tricks leading up to the Vancouver Winter Olympics, everything suddenly changes for Kevin when a horrific crash leaves him fighting for his life. When he recovers, all he wants to do is get on his snowboard again, even though medics and family fear it could kill him. Our lives are precious and fragile, we are only as strong as the support system and love we have from family and friends. Catch this truly inspirational flick on HBO or on iTunes January 14th.
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Cue butterflies in stomach feeling. A quick and dirty edit by Vincent Kardasik less than 12 hours after the paddle session in Belharra, France on January 7th 2014. Is it just me or do waves just keep getting bigger and bigger every year?

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Our buddies at Hunter Gatherer just released these charming and informative little PSAs for the Hawai’i Department of Land and Natural Resources. Check em out and do your part to conserve and protect ALL of our natural resources!