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Meet Jimmy “Is My Board Done Yet” Goldberg—the best, and only, surfboard ding repairman in Montauk. Given the gals’ stellar surfing skills, they’re at Jimmy’s more often than they’re actually in the water. It was no surprise then that in the hours they spent watching their boards get bandaged back to health he became their default therapist. Here, they dig into Jimmy’s life experiences – ship scuttling, commercial vs. sport fishing, boozing, and his passion for surfing.
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The Poler guys just released a sweet surf line and this sweet video starring Poler Tent Team riders Mikey DeTemple and Trevor Gordon. Watch them surf their own backyards and then head for Puerto Rico! Hopefully it’s just the start of more surf products from Poler because everything so far looks really nice, durable, and perfect for a surf trip. I hope to give em’ a go on a trip of my own soon!

An Uncommon Archive is a thought-provoking selection of images from the projects, books, and saved references found in the hard drives, stored files, and archives of T. Adler Books. This lovely new volume draws its content from the seemingly disparate worlds of surfing, fashion and style, fishing, music, fine art, rock climbing, world travel, and adventure. The photographs, paintings, ephemera, illustrations, and contact sheets are arranged in pairs and sequences suggesting subtle connections and parallels between them. Come meet Tom Adler, Jeff Divine, and C.R. Stecyk III tomorrow at Arcana books in Culver City from 4-6 pm. Pre-order your signed copy here:

This beautifully designed beachfront loft by Crosson Clarke Carnachan currently sits along the shores of Coromandel, New Zealand, but half the beauty of the design is you could pull it to any location you want. Built on heavy timber sled-like foundation, the entire structure can be unplugged and moved with a tractor. The site lies within the coastal erosion zone, so this 40 square meter space that can accommodate a family of 5, can be closed up against the elements and moved based on site demands. I think any surfer or nature enthusiast would love to have one of these!

Kelly Slater’s long awaited clothing line, Outerknown has finally launched this week with a full mens collection and a brand new e-commerce site. The collection is everything we hoped for at first glance: simple, refined, clean, and sustainable. Taking a cue from brands like Saturdays, Outerknown caters to perhaps an older or more mature surfer who has grown out of bright colors and logos, someone who works first and surfs second. Check out the launch photos of Kelly sporting the looks for GQ here, or go buy something already at their site:
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This week’s dose of surf porn features Robin Kegel riding his 9’4 Gato Heroi Playboy in junky East-Australian surf. It’s safe to say that no one on earth surfs like RGK. Enjoy.

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I’ve been surfing for more than half my life and the the Lifeguards on the North Shore of Oahu have always been a group of individuals that I have the utmost respect for. This past winter, the fitness chain and lifestyle brand, Equinox approached me about directing a short documentary for them about these “Guardians of the Sea.” Here is the end result.
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Another epic commercial from Samsung and the WSL. Usually surfing in ads and mainstream is pretty cringe-worthy, but this one is pretty cinematic and great. The fact that they managed to pull together a lot of rad clips that were already out there and make them seamless to the narrative is also pretty special. Now stop crying and go buy a Samsung phone already.
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Who doesn’t love a good Seinfeld bit? In case you missed this Chillwave remix of the Seinfeld theme song that was making the rounds a while back, well, here it is and you’re welcome. Now click play above, crank up the volume and get ready for happy hour.
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At its heart, surfing is about harnessing the power of the ocean to slide around on a piece of wood. Jon Wegener’s handcrafted alaia boards pay homage to these simpler times — reaching all the way back to surfing’s Polynesian roots. But Jon isn’t trying to make the sport regress. Instead, he’s become part of a new evolution by studying history and reigniting an interest in the designs favored by surfing’s Hawaiian forbearers. Check out this rad piece on Jon by Uproxx here.

Peter Drouyn was the epitome of a competitive, Australian surf god in the 60s and 70s. The former pro surfer was filled with personality, charisma, masculinity and raw talent. He invented the man-on-man surf contest format and even introduced surfing to China. Peter has now since transformed into Westerly Windina, a woman in her 60s living in Queensland, Australia. Author and former pro surfer, Jamie Brisick has spent the last 5 years getting to know Westerly and documenting her life in a biography that just hit bookshelves today, and an upcoming documentary film. We recently sat down with Jamie in Malibu to hear more about the story of Westerly and what drew him to her in the first place.