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A few years ago, we posted about this luxurious underwater hotel room in the Maldives. Now we stumbled upon another good place to go sleeping with the fishes (and not have to be in trouble with the mob or anything). Located off the remote island of Pemba – an island part of the Zanzibar archipelago just off the coast of Tanzania, this more low key and secluded hut on the water looks a little more up my alley. Check out this personal review video by a guest who stayed there (a little shakey, but you get the idea), and more booking info here:

Every month we are updating a custom, curated Indoek Shop on For the month of April as the weather starts to change in favor of warmer days, we have assembled a collection of products for getting outside more, beach days, day hikes, or even a weekend camping adventure perhaps.

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Ever since seeing an awesome video on Dock Ellis & the LSD No No by Doubleday & Cartwright a couple years ago, I have been very intrigued by the story and that era in pro sports in general. On June 12, 1970, Dock Ellis threw a no-hitter for the Pittsburgh Pirates. In 136 years of baseball history, only 276 no-hitters have been recorded. Dock is the only pitcher to ever claim he accomplished his while high on LSD. Now they have made this “Dockumentary” about Dock, which I cannot wait to see.

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This week’s dose of surf porn features legendary waterman / lifeguard / bodysurfer, Mark Cunningham at home doing his thing in some tasty beachbreak nugs. Enjoy!

Our favorite magazine has finally released it’s 4th issue! Just in time to be added to our summer reading list. Saturdays Magazine #004 features 15 Q&A’s with notable influencers including Duane Michals, Jonny Johansson, Francis Ford Coppola, JJJound, Eastern Surf Magazine, Olaf Bruening, Hitoshi Tsujimoto, Frank Prisinzano, Lucy Walker, Balaram Stack, Chas Smith, Truck Furniture, Salaman Agah, Made Kasim & Damon Way. 8 image portfolios by visionaries such as Jeff Johnson, Adrian Gaut, Rin Tanaka, Daniel Arnold, Pieces of The City, Grant Ellis, Lucien Smith, Joan Gannij. 312 pages perfectly bound. No advertising: Cover to cover Printed at Oddi in Iceland. Purchase your copy here:

Jon Rose is a former pro surfer who founded Waves For Water, an organization dedicated to bringing clean water to those who need it all around the world. Jon is a simple man who lives a not-so-simple life traveling the world 3 weeks out of every month. His “home” consists of two locations: an apartment in New York City and a cabin in Topanga Canyon. It’s a bi-coastal lifestyle that has proven to be efficient and necessary to maintain stability in Jon’s busy life. We caught up with Jon in both his NYC pad and at home in Topanga to hear more about the crazy life he leads, and to hear how he likes to spend his few precious days at both his east and west coast homes. Check out the full interview and photo feature here:

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As a goofy footer who has had the very fortunate experience to have tasted just a morsel of what Peru has to offer in the form of the longest left in the world, I am literally drooling with jealousy and nostalgic stoke over this video… This past February Cyrus Sutton and Kepa Acero scored perfectly shaped Chicama on the first South swell of the season. Cyrus met up with Kepa in the North coast of Peru hoping to get some late season North swells. Nothing came so they traveled to the Andes to see Machu Picchu and experience some Incan culture. A week into their stay an early season South swell prompted a short flight back to catch one of the world’s longest lefts at Chicama. The waves weren’t big but the sandbars were good. Here’s a few highlights of their trip.

Via Korduroy TV

I had the pleasure of working on this design-build project a few years ago, but it is just now gettin’ some internet lovin’. A super fun, well designed project that has a better story more than anything. Hunter Leggitt decided to design and build this little 1,100 sf Lake house in Lake Isabella, CA with a team of Architecture students with little to no building experience. I was lucky enough to be one of those free laborers. It opened my eyes to custom design-build projects and I have been hungry for more ever since. Lake Isabella is known for white water rafting on the Kern River, but what drew the owner, Jonathan Watts, to this location was the wind surfing on the Lake. This serves as his wind surfing and family get away from their busy lives in Santa Monica. Check out the full story on Arch Daily.
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As a northeast transplant currently living in Southern California, I can certainly appreciate the need to escape the brutal, seemingly never-ending winters of back home – it’s what made me move out here in the first place almost a decade ago. That said, living out here in Never Never Land has made me softer and softer over the years. I find myself wearing a 4/3 in the mild winters and deciding not to surf even on days that would’ve had me up with the sun back home. It is refreshing to see a wide-eyed video oozing with stoke like this from a fellow yankee who is just amped to be out here for a month long visit and escape the cold back home. Thank you Hayden Brosnan for reminding us spoiled Cali folks how good we have it out here.
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This short video from Vermont’s notorious skateboard tribe, The Worble which embodies the joy and pure fun in skating with your buds. The coffin ride, wipe outs and goofing off reminds me why I started skating in the first place, its really fun.  Enjoy the season’s last flurries in this short film of radical wood pushers.

We have always been huge fans of Almond’s special product collabs. ‘Wax and Wool’ is a collection inspired by the heritage of Woolrich, the Original Outdoor company, and the coastal lifestyle of California’s Almond Surfboards. Each piece is 100% Made in The USA and reflects their different backgrounds and the common appreciation for timeless, quality goods. The clothing, which includes both men’s and women’s pieces, was designed for a perfect day outside at the beach. The collection includes graphic tees, blankets (with a pocket to store your essentials), tote bag, henleys, sweatshirts and corduroy walk shorts. Also included in the collaboration are custom Woolrich inspired surfboards that, like the rest of the line, combines classic California Almond aesthetic and incorporates hits of iconic Woolrich patterns. Each surfboard was custom built and hand shaped by Almond using prints inspired by Woolrich- including the classic buffalo check, a topographic print celebrating the outdoors, and even the “sheep on a surfboard” logo created for the collaboration. The collection can be found both at and as well as both companies’ select retail partners.
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Ladies and gentlemen, start your boners! Spring is officially in the air and the kids are all getting hot & wet for some shreddy waves. Director Tin Ojeda just released this new cock-tease edit of his 45Min experimental surf film, Expencive Porno Movie shot entirely on Super 16mm. Lube up, let the puns ride on and purchase the DVD here: