Mollusk Surf Shop is a modern beacon of art, craft, community and whimsy in a largely homogenized surf culture. In 2007, the second shop location planted roots on the corner of Windward and Pacific, which is the epicenter of Venice. Chad “Nightsnake” Marshall, a born and raised Angeleno who is dripping with style (both in and out of the water) runs the Venice shop and breaks down what makes this place so crazy and unique.


This Sunday, September 27th is the annual Abbot Kinney Festival in Venice, CA. In case you have never been, it is a day of local vendors posting up on a closed off Abbot Kinney Boulevard for a sweet little Sunday block party – which in recent years has turned into a real shit show scene. This year, the new kids on the block over at General Admission have organized an “Off AK Street Fair” as a tribute to Venice and all things local. If you’re in town this weekend, please swing by as we will have a both set up there and will be in good company with our pals at Lone Wolfs, Juice Served Here, Cabin West, The Whaler, Linus, Byrd, Venice Originals, and House Beer to name a few. While perusing the AK fest, head toward the beach where it turns into Brooks Ave. across Pacific, that’s where our shin dig will be; 52 Brooks Ave. to be exact. 10% of all sales will go to Heal The Bay. Thanks again to General Admission for hosting, see you there!
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2 months through 9 magical islands of Indonesia with brothers Alex & Koa Smith. Normally we wait til “Surf Porn Sunday” to post the best surf porn web clips of the week, but this one just couldn’t wait. Koa Smith’s first person GoPro barrel shots will never cease to amaze and induce wet dreams. Keep up the great work boys!

No waves, double doubles, long drives, fish and chips, dart games, tent naps, roaming charges, great people and concrete bowls. We spent six surfless days in Nova Scotia.


This Saturday, September 26th the California Gold Vintage Surf Auction will be held at the Culver City Veterans Memorial Complex. There are some pretty epic boards of historical significance that are part of the event. Here is but a small preview – all five of these boards will be on display at Surfing Cowboys in Mar Vista for anyone to view this week before the show on Saturday. If you are in the area I would highly recommend checking them out in person, you will rarely get an opportunity to hold a surf legend’s prize board. It’s pretty amazing to see an original Dick Brewer gun in person knowing that it was one of the first boards to tame the massive waves of the North Shore. Or to slide your hands down the rails of Tom Curren’s favorite board from his comeback season on tour which was immortalized in that infamous cutback photo by Tom Servais. Here’s a little more history behind the boards:


With influences in outlines of a planning hull, this asymmetrical surfcraft design is in a class of it’s own. The designers from West of West describe it best, ‘Ridges and valleys emerge from the surface, forming a new topography that reacts to speed and flow in unique ways.’ I would love to give this board a go in the water, but it rightfully resides on display at the Architecture and Design Museum of Los Angeles.

Lone Wolfs, Objets d’Surf, is a small surf store with a huge opinion. It’s a store that is color blind, void of much of the spectrum you and I appreciate in our daily views. It is stark, contrasting optic white with black in many various iterations. Its message is unique, defining a space that is mainly unexplored by surf companies, and the power of black and white makes the product that much more interesting. On a busy intersection of Venice Beach, the one you have to go through when going anywhere south, the store’s exterior is clean, sharp fonts and clean windows. Grey and white, with one plywood wooden door that is obviously a repair from someone throwing something through it. Check out their story, part of our Indoek Venice issue (also available in our shop)

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I gotta say, Vissla has been putting out some pretty impressive, unique, creative films to advertise their products lately. This 7 Seas Wetsuit promo is no exception. It has great sound design combined with slow motion footage and an epic musical score that elevates a typical OC summertime beach day scene and makes Brendon Gibbens the surf hero incarnate. Enjoy.
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I’ve been waiting for someone to call out this trend of overly produced yet “natural”, slow, tense, formulaic, docu-style online short films. You know the ones, you’ve seen the same thing done a thousand times on different people, surfers, artists, surfer / artists – heck we post them all the time on our site! The director Jim Archer really nailed it with his parody featuring some random guy named Phil and had this to say about the process: “I wanted to parody these types of films not because I particularly dislike them — a lot of them have great stories to tell — but so many of them seem to follow this same formula. It usually centers around one interview which will be 95-100% voiceover, an atmospheric and emotive soundtrack, slow motion shots of literally anything, and at least one shot of the subject looking one way then immediately looking the other — that’s non negotiable. I feel that so many of the stories of these documentaries aren’t actually that interesting. It’s the just the production values that are, so I thought it would be funny to make one about a guy that REALLY didn’t deserve to have a film made about him.”

Via No Film School

Every month we are updating a custom, curated Indoek Shop on As summer is winding down and fall is beginning to fill the air, we have assembled a collection of products for staying outside as much as possible and cool, lazy afternoons.


Last Friday night we had a party at Mollusk Surf Shop to celebrate the launch of our Indoek Venice issue. It was rad, thank you everyone who came out and braved the sweaty evening with us. In case you missed it, enjoy these photos and here is a little recap: Denny Aaberg and The Wrinkled Teenagers featuring Dr. Surf played classic surf jams, Topa Topa served free beers on tap, ZICO provided refreshing coconut waters to cool everyone down, people danced, bro-ed down, the usual boardwalk crackheads showed up, the cops came, and good times were had by all. All party photos by Nik Killian. Now buy an issue already and see what all the fuss is about:
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Craig Stecyk is an artist, a writer, a filmmaker, a photographer, and by default a historian on everything that is cool about Southern California. Vice spent a day making posters with him and talking to a few of his friends about his life.